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Norman Waterhouse
Caroline primarily advises both public and private sector clients on a variety of real estate transactions involving the acquisition, leasing and sale of commercial and residential properties. She is experienced in all aspects of property conveyancing, from due diligence to e-conveyancing.

About Caroline

Caroline currently assists clients with a wide range of property transactions including the acquisition and disposal of commercial property, land divisions, leases and licences.

She also provides advice regarding property access rights including easements and encroachments.

Caroline joined Norman Waterhouse in 2017 after working at a boutique conveyancing firm for 4 years. She draws on her conveyancing experience in order to provide her clients with practical legal advice in respect to property transactions. She also provides training sessions on property transactions, including public sector obligations under the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994 (SA).

Caroline is an excellent communicator and negotiator, which allows her to bring people together in order to facilitate property settlements. She understands the importance of timing in property transactions and works diligently to meet critical settlement dates and deadlines.

Caroline is particularly interested in public sector property transactions, including those relating to community land, public and private roads, major developments and infrastructure management.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University of South Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Australian National University. Caroline was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2013 and the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2014.


  • Real estate acquisition and disposal
  • Public sector transactions
  • Native title
  • Commercial leasing and licensing
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