Testimonial from Aimee Winra

I spent three months within the Family Law team at Norman Waterhouse. This was a great experience and my hours were flexible to work around my University studies. I have recently completed a Law and International Studies Degree at Flinders University and used the placement at Norman Waterhouse to provide me with experience and assist me to make an informed decision about the area of law in which I would like to practice.

I had the impression that a large firm such as Norman Waterhouse would be formal, strict and that office interaction may be hard. But it was quite the opposite, I found everyone was willing to help, and not just from Family Law where I was based, but people from other departments were also willing to answer my questions. There is a real sense of community in the firm.

Now I am looking to getting into Government, but originally wanted to get into Family Law and the placement helped me identify this area. The experience has helped me and prepared me not only for the future but for my current role as a volunteer. I learned that the maintenance of file notes is very important and I have also become skilled on how to write good briefs.

Testimonial from Celia Le

I completed a summer clerkship with the Commercial Dispute Resolution team at Norman Waterhouse, and returned as a Practical Legal Training (placement) student. I recently completed a Laws and Legal Practice degree at Flinders University, and will finish a Behavioural Science degree by the end of 2011.

I came from a small family law firm, and was understandably anxious about the transition into a larger commercial firm. Much to my relief, the people I worked with were always willing to offer their assistance, and made a considerable effort to make me feel welcome.

My time with the Commercial Dispute Resolution team was the decisive factor in choosing to pursue a career in commercial law. PLT Placement is one of the final opportunities, prior to admission, to learn and develop the skills necessary for legal practice. Norman Waterhouse has been a great environment to grow as a young professional.

Testimonial from Amanda Chan

I was very fortunate to have been selected for a summer clerkship in the Corporate and Commercial (C&C) team at Norman Waterhouse in 2010.  I complete my double degree in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Studies at the University of Adelaide at the end of 2011.

The summer clerkship was a great opportunity for me to learn about C&C first hand.  I gained insight into specific areas of commercial law that I was not exposed to in my law degree.  It also gave me a different perspective, as I previously found studying corporate law and contract law to be rather dry. The summer clerkship made me realize that commercial law is more exciting than it was portrayed to be! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the C&C team and it has inspired me to pursue a career in the corporate and commercial area.

The people at Norman Waterhouse are professionals with a passion for the law.  Even though my time there was temporary, I was treated as a part of the C&C team by participating in regular team meetings and assisting in the handling of clients’ matters. The C&C team was very approachable and they provided me with guidance along the way as I ventured into different areas within the commercial field. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience which I will cherish long after graduation.