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Norman Waterhouse

2021 Walking the Talk Seminar

After a pause in our events calendar in 2020, we were very excited to hold our annual Walking the Talk Conference on Friday, 18 June 2021 at Crowne Plaza Adelaide.

This year’s Walking the Talk covered a range of topics relevant to HR Professionals, Executive staff and CEOs around the theme of organisational resilience and bouncing back from catastrophic or unprecedented events.

A big thank you to our guest speakers for joining us on the day. Morna Young, General Manager, People & Culture at Thomas Foods International, gave us valuable insight on how they were able to manage employee relations and bounce back from a catastrophic fire at their Murray Bridge facility. We also invited Jean-Pierre du Plessis of JP Forensics to share with us his techniques on identifying fraud and corruption in the workplace so that we can be better equipped at identifying, responding and managing fraud and corruption, if and when it occurs.


28 June 2021


Business, Government

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