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Mandatory electronic conveyancing has commenced

The Registrar-General of the South Australian Lands Titles Office has mandated electronic conveyancing from 3 August 2020.

This means that registration of almost all Lands Titles Office instruments must now be undertaken using an electronic lodgement platform. There are currently two electronic lodgement network operators in SA, being PEXA and Sympli.

There remain a small number of instruments that are permitted to be lodged in paper form at the Lands Titles Office. However the vast majority of instruments (representing 92% of all dealings) must be transacted electronically, including transfers, leases and encumbrances. This means that self-lodgement of LTO instruments by the parties to the transaction themselves is generally no longer possible.

Norman Waterhouse has increasingly been transacting electronically in readiness for this transition and we can continue to assist with all Lands Titles Office dealings, in electronic or paper form as required.

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5 August 2020


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