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Norman Waterhouse

New Minister for Planning and Local Government and Dissolution of DPTI

Following the recent travel allowance scandal and the subsequent resignation of the Honourable Stephan Knoll MP, a ministerial reshuffle has resulted in the dissolution of the former integrated portfolio of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

The new appointments following the resignation were made on 29 July 2020. Mr Knoll was formerly Minister for Planning as well as Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government. The reshuffle has resulted in these portfolios being split between the Honourable Vickie Chapman MP, who has become the Minister for Planning and Local Government (as well as continuing in her roles as Deputy Premier and Attorney-General) and the Honourable Corey Wingard MP, who has become the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport (and also the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing).

The most immediate impact of these changes is that DPTI will not continue as an integrated department. Rather, the Planning portfolio will be overseen by the Attorney-General’s Department, and the transport and infrastructure portfolios in the new Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

Resulting from these changes, the new accreditation authority for accredited professionals will be the CE of the Attorney-General’s Department. Further details of these changes can be found in the Administrative Arrangements (Interpretative Provision) Proclamation 2020 (“Proclamation”).

The timing of these changes is not ideal, occurring in the same week that the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 goes live for Phase 2 councils. However, pursuant to the Proclamation, Instruments of delegation have not been affected by these changes, and no delays to the reform timetable are anticipated.

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30 July 2020



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