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New service offers legal advice without leaving home

Norman Waterhouse Lawyers are taking the stress out of seeking legal advice with a new digital platform.

Taking the first step to seek legal advice during a difficult time can be extremely stressful for individuals and families and even more so during the uncertain time surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. To ensure this process is as simple and seamless as possible, you can start your family law matter from the comfort of your home by using Settify on our website.

Through a series of tailored questions, this artificial intelligence software allows our team to understand your individual situation and its surrounding requirements. The use of Settify will remove the barrier between any restrictions and the ability to seek advice, both during this unprecedented time and moving forward. We are working together to continue providing our clients both old and new with prompt and empathetic advice, ensuring we are reducing stress as much as possible amongst the current circumstances. Using Settify will help you to understand how our team can assist you, and it will provide us with an understanding of your circumstances so we can plan for your initial consultation without you having to come into our offices for a meeting.

Using Settify to start your legal matter is extremely useful as:

  • You can complete the questionnaire at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home;
  • You do not have to come into our office space during this unprecedented time;
  • Settify is widely available via your smart device or computer;
  • Initial consultations will be more time efficient as your practitioner will already have an understanding of your situation; and
  • All relevant documents and information can be uploaded and accessed from your device.

As always, our family law team are ready to assist all new and existing clients during one of the most difficult periods of their life, and never more so than during these extraordinary times. Start your Family Law matter online here.


14 May 2020


Individual, Family

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