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Norman Waterhouse
Andrew has completed more than 50 years as a qualified lawyer. During that time he has been a senior Government lawyer, a consultant practising as a sole practitioner and more recently as a senior consultant or special counsel in law firms.

About Andrew

For a number of years Andrew was employed in the State Crown Solicitors Office where he had experience in a wide range of matters.

These matters include the preparation of opinions and appearances as counsel before the Supreme Court and other Courts and tribunals in a variety of cases, including land acquisition compensation claims, judicial review proceedings, proceedings relating to property and charitable trusts and planning appeals.

In his later years in the Crown Solicitor’s Office, Andrew was the Assistant Crown Solicitor responsible for the Land and Environment Section of that Office. During that period he was also responsible for providing advice to the State in relation to native title issues

Since leaving the Crown Solicitor’s Office, Andrew, practised as a consultant initially as a sole practitioner and subsequently with a firm specialising in planning and environmental law. He was also a part-time Native Title Commissioner of the Environment Resources and Development Court. As a consultant, he continued to provide advice to clients and in particular, the State Government in relation to native title issues and the Commonwealth and State native title legislation.

Since joining the firm in 2008, Andrew has been concerned with major property and development transactions with emphasis on the interface of those transactions and development control and environmental legislation, and advising Councils and other clients in relation to a wide variety of matters, including those in the areas of charitable trusts and native title


  • Property, planning and development, the environment and natural resources
  • Strategic advice and drafting of documents related to property development, including land management agreements and infrastructure agreements
  • Crown lands
  • Native title
  • Charitable trusts
  • Land valuation, compulsory acquisition and compensation


  • Law Society of SA
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