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Norman Waterhouse
Stephen is one of Adelaide’s most experienced and capable insolvency and commercial dispute solicitors. He specialises in providing succinct strategic advice and focuses on assisting clients in achieving commercial outcomes and is passionate about providing direct and understandable advice.

About Stephen

Stephen Williams joined the Norman Waterhouse Partnership in July, 2007 as a solicitor in the Commercial and Dispute Resolution Team.

He is a commercial litigator with over 30 years experience working across a wide range of jurisdictions and disciplines. His experience and expertise centre on a number of areas, including insolvency, property related litigation (leases, caveats, encroachments, valuations, easements, and restrictive covenants), banking litigation, security enforcement, building and construction and contractual disputes.

Stephen prides himself on his ability to quickly assess a matter and to provide prompt strategic advice. He has a deserved reputation for being commercially minded. His focus for clients centres around achieving commercially acceptable outcomes. His philosophy is that it is his role to assist his clients to achieve a resolution of the disputes they encounter, avoiding litigation unless it is necessary or inevitable. Stephen feels it is his role not to aggressively pursue litigious outcomes but to lead his clients from a position of strength to a reach a commercial resolution. He is particularly skilled as a negotiator and has enjoyed considerable success in conducting mediations.

Stephen has a direct but sensible approach to disputes and always seeks to avoid unnecessary conflict and the posturing that is so often associated with litigious matters. His many years of experience allows Stephen to provide focused, strategic advice in a form that can be easily understood and which avoids unnecessary legal jargon.

Stephen was Chairman of the SA/NT Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association and has been awarded a Fellowship of the Association on the basis of his involvement with the insolvency industry.


  • Providing high level strategic advice to major local government organisations across the State.
  • Representing major property owners and developers, particularly in the field of leasing matters
  • Acting for all the major banks in the areas of banking litigation and security enforcement
  • Advice on the insolvency process
  • Strategic Commercial Advice


  • Fellow of the Australia Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association.
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