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Managing your workforce during the SA COVID-19 lockdown

As you would be aware, this afternoon the Premier of South Australia has announced a hard lock down in our State as a result of COVID-19, with restrictions to take effect from midnight tonight.

All persons are restricted from leaving their homes for a 6-day period commencing midnight tonight, unless they are an ‘essential worker’ or to utilise essential services, such as the supermarket and medical services.

In March 2020, we updated our Local Government and Private Sector clients in relation to the leave options and stand down options with respect to their staff. Our updates have not changed since that time and we urge all employers to revisit those previous updates.

Our State has announced that there will be minimum operations of Government, including Local Government, although the details have not yet been confirmed. For Local Government employers, please see below the following links to our various COVID-19 Local Government Updates:

Councils may also wish to refer to our industrial relations FAQs which are available for access from the Local Government Association website.

We note some Councils may also have access to stand down provisions within their applicable enterprise agreements or in the case of the outdoor workforce, the Local Government Employees Award.

For Private Sector employers, please see our previous article here.

All practitioners within the Norman Waterhouse Employment, Regulatory and Governance Team will be contactable via email and mobile phone throughout this further lockdown period. For practitioner contact details, please click here.

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