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Norman Waterhouse

New Award Alert – Local Government Tourism, Hospitality and Retail Award

The new Local Government Tourism, Hospitality and Retail Award (the Award) came into operation on 6 November 2019. The Award applies to local government sector employers throughout South Australia and their employees who are employed in work in connection with the trade or business of tourism, hospitality or retail.

The Award covers local government employees who work in Visitor Information Centres, in addition to those working in cafes (whether licensed or unlicensed) or otherwise in a hospitality or retail role. However, the Award does not cover people who are managing Visitor Information Centres.

The Award now minimises the gap in local government with employees working in the retail sector who were not previously covered by the South Australian Municipal Salaried Officers Award or the Local Government Employees Award now being covered by the new Award.

Moving forward, councils need to be cognisant of the introduction of the new Award and its applicability to employees, particularly when negotiating future enterprise agreements.

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23 January 2020



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