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Norman Waterhouse
Our team is widely acknowledged and recognised, nationally and internationally, as a leading and experienced provider of legal advice and services in relation to transactional and contentious matters concerning Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright, and Trade Secrets/Confidential information.

Our approach

The creation and protection of Intellectual Property is critical to the competitiveness and success of a business in a modern and technology driven world.

Whether it is the identity of a business itself, or of its products or services, there is advantage in standing out and being identifiable. Branding and Trade Marks act as badges of origin to achieve this.

The commitment of business resources to research, develop, and innovate is essential if cutting edge systems, products and services are to be delivered to customers. Patents, Designs and Copyright are legal rights used to claim and protect the fruits of product/service development investments made by a business.

Skills, knowhow, client development, and hard earned experience very often result in a store of information that is a valuable asset of a business. While such information may not be registrable in the way other Intellectual Property may be, this valuable asset can be subject to practices and laws to maintain and protect Trade Secrets and Confidential Information.

Typically the first step by a business in relation to Intellectual Property is creating, claiming or obtaining it. Once acquired, a business might use its Intellectual Property, or it might take some other course such as selling or licensing it. Norman Waterhouse provide services or assistance in relation to all types of transactional and non-contentious needs in relation to Intellectual Property.

Claiming or acquiring Intellectual Property is quite often not the end of the road so far as needs in relation to Intellectual Property are concerned. Unfortunately, it can be sometimes be necessary to fight to obtain Intellectual Property, or to protect it from infringement or challenge. To maintain a freedom to operate, a business can also be faced with a need to challenge another’s claim or application to secure Intellectual Property rights. Such events can give rise to a need for services in relation to contentious Intellectual Property matters involving consideration and disputes as to whether a particular Intellectual Property right exists, is valid, has been infringed, or should properly be granted, refused, or opposed on application. Norman Waterhouse’s Intellectual Property team includes practitioners who are very experienced in providing the specialist services and advice that are required for contentious Intellectual Property issues.

Some Intellectual Property services involve skills and qualifications outside of the practice of the law. Patent Attorney services are an example. If a client’s needs require outside assistance, through its extensive practice in Intellectual Property, Norman Waterhouse has built up an extensive network of trusted associations, collaborations and connections, which can be used to supplement the services provided by Norman Waterhouse if client needs require that.


  • Applications (where required to acquire or register Intellectual Property)
  • Contracts to acquire or transfer Intellectual Property rights
  • Collaborative research/R&D arrangements
  • Commercialisation and or Funding of Intellectual Property
  • Identification and protection of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets, Including Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements, and actions to recover or protect the wrongful use or possession of information or Trade Secrets
  • IP Audits & Knowledge Management
  • Joint Venture Agreements concerning Intellectual Property, including research and development
  • Intellectual Property infringement matters and actions including, Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Copyright
  • Appeals from decisions of IP Australia regarding applications for Patents, Trade Marks, and designs
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