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Norman Waterhouse
We are proud of our association with many Australian families, which in some cases embraces several generations.

Our approach

We understand that everyone has different estate planning needs. No matter how complicated or simple your personal circumstances may be, we will work with you to find a tailored solution to best cater for your individual circumstances.

Our wills and estate planning practitioners pride themselves on working closely with their clients, and their trusted advisers, to ensure that all aspects of their wills and estate planning affairs are in order. We work with our clients across all aspects of wills and estate planning, asset protection, wealth management and business succession planning.

We provide timely, practical and solution-focused advice which is sensitive to the needs of our clients to ensure the appropriate management of your future wealth in the event that you die or lose capacity.

We go beyond simply ensuring that our client’s wills and estate planning is in place to look at the big picture, and ensure that all factors are considered and thoroughly attended to. This often includes consideration of superannuation, business interests and succession planning, trusts and other personal directives to friends and family.

We pride ourselves on our modern and tax-efficient approach that we take to our wills and other estate planning documents to ensure that our clients’ wealth is properly managed and secured for the future.

We offer competitive fixed fee pricing for our Estate Planning which will depend on your individual circumstances.

Your Will

When you meet with us, we will ask you a little about your circumstances, both financial and personal, so we understand your affairs, and can advise you and help to inform your decisions, both from a legal and a practical perspective. We next take your instructions on how you wish for your estate to be distributed on your passing, as well as taking into consideration matters like guardians for your children and other wishes you may have.

We will discuss with you whether your estate needs are best suited for a simple will, or a more comprehensive will which includes features like testamentary trusts – these are trusts established upon your death which can offer a number of benefits to your future beneficiaries. If you are worried that your will may be challenged upon your death then we can talk you through relevant considerations, and assist you to adapt your plan, or put appropriate safeguards in place, to try and prevent this from happening.

Without a will your estate will be distributed according to law, which may not be in the manner you envisaged or might expect. The process will also almost always be far more costly, stressful and time consuming for those that you leave behind.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Your Enduring Power of Attorney is a document whereby you can appoint person/s to act in your place during your lifetime, to deal with your legal and financial affairs on your behalf, who will be known as your Attorney/s.

When we meet with you we can discuss with you the limitations you may or may not want to place on your Attorney/s when they act on your behalf under such Enduring Power of Attorney.

Advance Care Directive

Your Advance Care Directive is a document whereby you appoint persons as Substitute Decision-Maker/s to make your personal and lifestyle (including medical) decisions on your behalf when you are not able to do so yourself. In this document you are able to include binding refusal of treatment wishes with must be followed by your Substitute Decision-Maker/s in the event that you do not have capacity to convey your own wishes.

Other Considerations

We are also able to assist and provide advice in relation to superannuation matters and business succession planning which may need to be considered in the event of your death.

Already have a Will with us?

If you already have your will and estate planning documents with us and want to make an enquiry about updating your will or estate planning documents, or wish to obtain a copy of these documents, then please contact one of our specialists below.

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  • Wills (simple and sophisticated to include testamentary trusts, protective trusts or charitable trusts)
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Care Directives
  • Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination Advice
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Business and Trust Structures (including Family Trusts)
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Advice
  • Estate and Business Succession Planning
  • Tax-efficient structuring and planning for Estate and Succession planning
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