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Norman Waterhouse
We are committed to providing ongoing training and support to the local government sector in South Australia and offer a comprehensive suite of legal education and training services.

Our approach

Our lawyers are experienced in delivering high quality presentations and workshops to Council employees, executive staff and elected members.

We offer a range of in-house training sessions in various areas of specialisation. Our training programs range from individual briefings to full-day workshops, and are designed to be informative and interactive. We customise our training to cater for your specific needs, and also develop bespoke training topics and workshops to fit into your training matrix.

We also offer accredited Certificate IV and Diploma courses, delivered in conjunction with Municipal Training (RTO number 40390), for Council employees who wish to enhance their capabilities through formal accreditation in areas that are important to their organisation and their career.

We deliver training sessions in-house and we regularly travel throughout regional South Australia to meet our clients’ training requirements. We also have the facilities to deliver training for up to 60 people at our Adelaide office.

Some of our training topics include:


  • Role and responsibilities of elected members
  • Role and responsibilities of council employees
  • Conflict of interest
  • Meeting procedures
  • ICAC – maladministration, misconduct and corruption
  • Code of Conduct
  • Council decision making
  • Delegations and authorisations
  • Public interest disclosure obligations
  • CEO performance reviews
  • Records management and freedom of information
  • Financial planning, rating and budgets

Employment & Safety

  • Understanding awards, enterprise agreements, and other industrial instruments
  • Role and responsibilities of council employees
  • Employee Conduct/code of conduct
  • ICAC – maladministration, misconduct and corruption
  • Performance management and absenteeism
  • Bullying, harassment, and other misconduct
  • Enterprise bargaining and negotiation skills
  • Industrial action
  • Fair treatment and equal opportunity
  • Workplace investigations and grievance handling
  • Internet, email, computer use and social media
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Return to work and non-work related injuries
  • Work health and safety obligations
  • Obligations under the Surveillance Devices Act 2016

Environment & Planning

  • Development assessment
  • Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016
  • Giving expert evidence in Court
  • Case law reviews
  • Trees and the law
  • Development compliance (basics and advanced)
  • Investigation and prosecutions
  • Land division (basics and advanced)
  • CAP Member training
  • Heritage protection
  • Managing Section 7 enquiries
  • Drafting conditions
  • Land management agreements

Property & Infrastructure

  • Principles of property law
  • Section 7 searches
  • Leasing and licensing
  • Contract management
  • Community land management
  • Land division
  • Infrastructure and bonding
  • Lands Titles Office practice and procedure
  • Compulsory acquisition and valuation
  • Roads
  • Unsolicited bids
  • Governance for property & contract officers


  • Authorised Officer Powers & Functions
  • Expiation Notice Issuing & Enforcement
  • Local Nuisance and Litter Control
  • Issuing Control Orders under the Dog and Cat Management Act
  • Appeals in the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • South Australian Public Health Act and regulations
  • Food Act enforcement
  • Australian Road Rules enforcement
  • Private Parking Areas roles and responsibilities
  • Fire Prevention obligations
  • Council’s role in liquor licensing

Accredited Training*

  • Diploma in Local Government (Rates)
  • Certificate IV in Local Government (Planning)
  • Certificate IV in Local Government (Regulatory Services)
  • Certificate IV in Local Government (Work Health Safety)
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