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Norman Waterhouse
We understand that the emotional and financial welfare and safety of their children is of the utmost importance to our clients. We listen to our client’s concerns and provide appropriate advice to meet those concerns.

Our approach

Separation of parents can be a difficult and stressful time for children. Where appropriate, we are able to refer our clients to experienced psychologists and counsellors to assist them and their children with the path ahead.

Our solicitors are able to provide knowledgeable legal advice about the future living arrangements for the children encompassing such issues as shared care, parental responsibility, spending substantial and significant time with a parent, spending time with grandparents, the division of school holidays and the sharing of special occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas.

We are also able to advise on specific issues such as the choice of school a child is to attend, the choice of religion and disputes with respect to medical treatments.

We understand that each situation is different and that each child has his or her individual needs.

Apart from physical and emotional security, the financial security of a child is of major importance. We are able to guide our clients through the child support assessment process with the Child Support Agency and advise them about their or their former partner’s child support rights and obligations. Such obligations may include the payment of school fees, extra-curricular activities and medical expenses. In certain circumstances, we will be able to negotiate and draft the terms of a Binding Child Support Agreement to encompass those obligations and rights so as to provide future certainty and security for the children and their parents.

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