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Norman Waterhouse
If your child or children have been abducted and taken overseas by your partner or former partner you should immediately obtain advice from an experienced family lawyer. Any delay in doing so could have an adverse impact on your position.

Our approach

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction 1980 is an international treaty in force between Australia and numerous other countries.

The Convention provides a lawful procedure for seeking the return of abducted children to their home country. It also provides assistance to parents to obtain contact or access to children overseas.

The Australian Central Authority in the Attorney-General's Department is responsible for administering the Hague Convention.

Our solicitors are able to provide you with advice and guide you through the process for seeking the return of your child or children. We have also provided advice to clients who have removed their children from another country and who want to remain with them in Australia.

This is a complex area of the law where each situation is unique and which requires expert and careful consideration.

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