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Norman Waterhouse
After a separation it is not unusual for one party to want to move a significant distance away from the other parent. If that situation arises, it is important that you obtain advice from an experienced family lawyer as soon as possible to better understand your rights and obligations as a parent.

Our approach

We are able to provide advice about the legal principles governing the relocation of a child or children. Relocation from the child’s principal place of residence may have a significant impact on the relationship between a child and the parent who is not moving. As a result, the desire to relocate often results in an argument between parents and opposition to the relocation.

We can assist our clients to negotiate an agreement to take into account future care arrangements including telephone time, sharing of holidays and the expense of travel costs. If an agreement is unable to be reached we are experienced in litigating these matters in court and ensuring our clients are effectively represented to achieve an appropriate outcome.

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